Color is, and has been, my passion since I was old enough to peel the labels off of crayons. I channel my love of color through painting, drawing, jewelry and bead art making. I’m also a musician, author, art director and graphic designer/illustrator.

I’ve published 4 bead-related books, 2 address the color challenges presented by working with glass beads. I’m the first – and only – artist to produce a podcast about color. I’m  featured on the 2008 season of the PBS show “Beads, Baubles, and Jewels,” and in numerous magazines and books. My work is shown and sold in galleries and boutiques. I teach color seminars to artists of all mediums across the country and I’m available for teaching and speaking engagements.

My home is outside of Atlanta, Georgia with my husband, composer Darren Nelsen, our Dalmatian, greyhound, a 25-year old koi, and many shubunkins, until the heron arrived ate them all … twice. The ancient koi is too large to be eaten, so she remains, the crown jewel of the ponds.