Companies like Pottery Barn, J. Crew, and Target are catching on to what Apple has known all along: consumers love color. Brighter colors appeal to many people – and compel them to spend their money. These 3 companies are among many who are using bolder, punchier colors to increase sales, especially in this fearful climate of impending recession.

Look at some of Pottery Barn’s new colors: less neutrals and faded earth colors this season. More pop!

And get a load of some of J.Crew’s brilliant handbags! Especially the hot pinks, yellows, and magentas!

And check out Target’s kitchen store online – they let you shop BY COLOR! I see the same mixer in 6 colors, including pink. Drill down and you’ll find a:


  • pink vacuum cleaner
  • pink cookware
  • pink dirt devil
  • pink food processor
  • pink stockpot
  • pink bakeware
  • pink ice cream maker
  • pink popcorn popper
  • pink teakettle and more


Ahhhh…. so much color is music to my eyes!