I had the honor and pleasure of teaching color and beading classes at the Great Lakes Beadworkers’ Guild. What an energetic, generous, and talented group of bead artists live up in Michigan! It was a joy-filled week, and I came back to my studio recharged and inspired.

One class I taught was the “Collar of Glass and Light” project from my book, The Beader’s Color Palette.

One of the class participants, Rhonda Gross, approached the project uniquely. I so enjoy the effects Rhonda achieved by repositioning the color arrangement in her version that I wanted to share it with you and note the differences. You can read the full version in the October 2008 installment of my FREE monthly color column PDF: Margie’s Muse.

Here’s a brief summary:

The book version of the “Collar of Glass and Light” distributes colors throughout the piece in such a way that each color gets equal focus, resulting in a mass of sparkling color and light with a tesselated patterned effect.

“Collar of Glass & Light” necklace by Margie Deeb
“Collar of Glass & Light” necklace by Margie Deeb
Rhonda Gross ordered the same group of colored triangle beads in a dark to light gradient from the neck outwards, creating the illusion of depth. Her arrangement is a bit more quiet and gentle, and the use of cool-toned silver rather than gold adds to the calm.
Rhonda Gross’s version of “Collar of Glass & Light”

Rhonda Gross’s version of “Collar of Glass & Light”

You can see close-up photos and understand more when you read the October 2008  Margie’s Muse.

Thank you, Rhonda, for letting me feature your work, and for inspiring me. Rhonda can be contacted at: r12dz@comcast.net

Materials kits for the “Collar of Glass & Light” will be available online after Oct 5, 2008 at