The Beaders Color Palette

The Beader's Color Palette

I am delighted to read Beth Livesay’s review of The Beader’s Color Palette in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Belle Armoire magazine. Here are excerpts. The link to the entire review is at the end:

“Margie Deeb, bestselling author of The Beader’s Guide to Color, proves that she is in fact a color expert with her newest offering. Even if you are not a beader, this book is bound to convert. With lush illustrations, difficult levels, excellent photography and detailed instruction, this book begs to be looked at and cherished with the eyes…

Whether it’s a landscape, a rare animal, flower, or Spanish architecture, Deeb proves that inspirational color can be found anywhere in nature, the world, and in history.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, consider her historical chapter, where Deeb takes cues from timeless works of art…”

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