BeadFest Philadelphia 2009 was wonderful. Excitement buzzed and hummed through the hotels and convention center the entire time. Being in the the exhibitor’s hall felt like what I imagine being on the floor of the NYSE must feel: electric. As with all bead shows, one of the delights is oogling our jewelry and accessories as we walk by. Everyone is warm, open, ready and willing to share tips, vendor information, or show their latest treasures.

Speaking of treasures, I know you want to see what I came home with. Can’t show it all, but here’s a sampling. (Click images to see full-size.)

My most colorful loot I acquired from Betcey & Mark (and Starr, Dustin, and Rachel) at BeyondBeadery. There isn’t enough bandwidth on the internet to contain photos of it all, but here are some of my more intriguing finds (I was shocked to learn that a permanent silver-lined bead existed!) sells the most beautiful dagger beads ever made. Here is the specific link on their site (so you don’t have to drill and dig):

From A Grain of Sand came beautiful, unusual silver, vermeil, copper, vintage, and brass toggle clasps that are reasonably priced:

Oh how I love my low-priced waaaay cool fold-over magnetic clasps from

The most fun I had was teaching. I learn so much when I teach, and I love the enthusiastic participation of everyone in my classes (these two classes were particularly lively). One of my greatest joys is witnessing the impact I’ve had on people in how they view color (and the world), and express themselves artistically. It means everything to me to know I’ve inspired just one person to be more of who they are and to find more joy in color and their artistic expression. That’s what I came here to do. I thank you for letting me share and give to you in this way.

PS: Stop by my website and get a set of free scoops with your purchase of a kit through September ’09.