There’s no substitute for great color. You can be a brilliant designer, but if your color is weak, so is your jewelry.
Buy the Fall/Winter 2009 Color Report for Bead & Jewelry Designers and use colors that turn heads and drop jaws. Make jewelry that sells. Here’s what you get:
Seasonal color inspiration for your contemporary designs
Forecast information designated by individual PANTONE Color #
Suggested gemstones, Delica and Swarovski Component colors
Gallery of beaded jewelry in the seasonal colors by top artists

Fall/Winter 2009 Color Report for Bead & Jewelry DesignersIt’s finally here! The beaded pieces this time around are stunning. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with some of them (especially the cover necklace by Derra McMaster!)

And the colors are sumptuous! Pantone chooses gorgeous classic colors, and then the most unusual accent colors you’d never expect to find in a seasonal palette.

Check out the promo page for a peek: