This is a partial excerpt from the December 2009 Margie’s Muse. Read the entire article here.

As we steer our way toward the holidays, sparkling lights and flickering candle flames beckon. When attending holiday celebrations, we want to dazzle at least as much as the room decor (hopefully more!) so let’s delve into surface finishes best suited to the glamour, glitz, and glitter of the holiday season.
True metallic finishes like hematite, copper, and bronze add richness and depth. Muted in color, their non-distracting reflectivity lends an air of traditional elegance.
I have a stash of 24kt gold-plated glass seed beads to last a lifetime. They are among the most gorgeous of all beads, and the gold plating doesn’t tarnish or rub off. Expensive and worth it, these beads make stunning accents. Or, when used exclusively in weaving, they achieve a look of intricate, gold filigree. (I use these gold beads as the foundation for the Collar of Glass & Light.)

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