Excerpt from January 2010 Margie’s Muse

Study the two versions of the Aqua/Silver Mini-Radiant Sun Earrings. Before you read further, decide which you think works best and why. Read further and I’ll tell you my thoughts.

The one on the right is the final version that I sell as a kit. Here’s why it is a much stronger design than the one on the left.

Focal Point

I constantly stress in my teachings and writings that as an artist, its our job to visually guide the viewers’ eye and tell them where to look first, where to focus. We do this by consciously creating a focal point. Or several focal points in a heirarchal manner.

Lightest or darkest areas often create focal points, as do areas of greatest contrast (lightest against darkest).

Where is the focal point within the earring on the left?

Finding it is a bit confusing, isn’t it? My eye is drawn immediately to the visual horizontal band created by the lightest beads, the silver beads. That horizontal band is not an aesthetically pleasing focal point. And it competes with the upper medallion section of the earring, which seems a natural focal point because of the circular shape.

In the earring on the right, the upper medallion section features four silver beads. My eye is drawn right into that upper center, where those lightest beads are. Here the composition and the color are in agreement that this is the focal point of the earring.

After enjoying the medallion focal point my eye immediately shifts straight down the middle of the earring, drawn to the light of the 6 largest silver beads that create and triangle shape. A second focal point! It is the lightest area of the bottom of the earring. And the traingle shape intrigues the eye, beckoning more of my attention.

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