Remember the Art Bead Scene Color Challenge based on a palette from the Spring/Summer 2010 Color Report for Bead & Jewelry Designers?

The entries are posted! What a thrill to see the endless variations of this refreshing palette. This demonstrates the unique beauty of expression and voice an artist can infuse into their color work:

Lyn Foley

All Entries

And the winner is…Lyn Foley! For a prize Lyn receives two year’s worth of Color Reports and a $50 gift certificate from Judges included Marcia DeCoster, Jane Dickerson and Lorelei Eurto. Here is Lyn’s winning piece, and the two stunning runner-ups:

Art Bead Scene

Lyn Foley, Gretchen Coates, and Anna Lear created beautiful, memorable pieces, each interpreting the palette in a unique way. I’m delighted by how different each piece is, even though the color scheme is the same. Gretchen leaned toward lighter, paler expression, Lyn and Anna used bright, fully saturated version of the palette members.

Gretchen Coates

Visit their blogs to see more of their expressive work:




Anna Lear