"The Light of Hope" by Margie Deeb; Oil on canvas; 32" x 32"

Do you find it difficult to go about your daily activities while people are suffering so catastrophically in Japan? I grapple with this. Though I don’t know their pain, as humans we are all connected. I can imagine the terror, loss, hopelessness, and despair. I want so much to help and give. To ease some suffering, no matter how small.

So what to do?

I know that my energy can help when I consciously direct it to places and people in need: it makes a difference. Some forms this energy takes are prayer, meditation, or visualization.

Another form of sending energy I use involves my creative pursuits. Beading included. This is an open eyed, meditative activity.

As I sit down to bead, I consciously dedicate the session to those in need of my help in Japan. I direct my love, compassion, and hope onto each bead I pick up, each stitch I take. As I weave, I imagine these energies, as if traveling on a pink laser beam of light, finding a landing place where they are most needed. Maybe in the heart of a someone too hungry or scared to hope they’ll find their missing child. Or in the mind of someone trapped in a home by the radiation-filled air outside.

I do this very consciously for as long as it feels naturally focused. I don’t force it. Then I continue to bead as I normally do, letting my mind go where it wants. I know that with each stitch my healing energy is going to Japan, even though I’m no longer consciously directing it.