I’ve teamed up with Beverly Ash Gilbert (author of Beaded Colorways and designer of the Eye for Color system) so we can offer color lovers everywhere just what they want: even more color in their lives.

We have a lot of goodies in the works for color lovers, including a quarterly PDF downloadable “Ask the Color Queens” Color Journal. We’ll be sharing all kinds of fun, valuable color info. And we’ll be answering your color questions. Not just bead related, either. Beverly and I both have a lifetime’s experience working with color in other areas such as graphic design, photography, interior decorating, painting, and more. So I ask of you…PLEASE SEND ME YOUR COLOR QUESTIONS! Any and all of them! Email them to:


Maybe your question will get answered in the summer issue.

To sign up for the journal, either leave a comment here, or email me at color@margiedeeb.com and type “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject field.