I wanted to remind you that Mosaic is still available on Amazon for free, if you enjoy fiction and poetry.

As I mentioned last week, a group of writer’s who met virtually in an online writing class created this eBook together. I’ve contributed two flash fiction stories to Mosaic.

Here’s an excerpt from my story, “Leonardo”:

“It had been over five centuries since Luigi, Leonardo’s guardian angel, had ushered the great artist into Paradise. And in those five centuries Leonardo had done nothing but sit in the garden gazing at hummingbirds. “The zenith of all flying machines!” Leo frequently exclaimed, startling Luigi out of a long stretch of silence.

Luigi was distraught, for it was his job to ensure that Leonardo progressed to higher planes. As all angels know, in order for humans to progress, they must first recognize their earthly failures and accomplishments. But Luigi couldn’t get Leo to pay attention to anything but the birds. In five centuries Leo had not left the garden once.”

Creating Mosaic has been challenging, inspiring, fun, and I’m so proud to be sharing it with you.

We’re offering it for free at several online resellers. For now, here’s the link to Mosaic on Amazon.
I’d love for you to download it and give us a review.

One of my co-authors, Brian Rella, explains why reviews are important. “Customer Reviews help readers make informed decisions before spending hard earned cash on a book and help independent authors get noticed.”

Good customer reviews are gold to Indie Writers.

Having said that, please understand I’m asking for an honest review. I’m not asking you to leave a 5 star review if you didn’t like it.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy Mosaic.