I march for the dignity of every American.

Every human being deserves dignity. In response to the excruciating lack of dignity I’ve witnessed in my country I march.

I march for hope.

I know that in the darkest times there is always light available to each one of us individually, and to humanity as a whole. I hold within me that light and I carry it to Washington D.C. I march with hope for everyone who is hopeless, angry, and frightened.

I march because I matter.

So often I’ve considered my voice insignificant in the face of a massive and twisted political system. Now too much is at stake. And I no longer have the luxury of indulging in insignificance. Every voice on this planet matters, including mine. My voice and my presence matter enough to have impact, even if it cannot be measured. I march my voice and presence in Washington D.C. because I matter.