I thought I’d start something fun for us: Inspiration Friday

Every few Fridays I’ll share a concept or idea I’m studying, or intrigued by, or that I’m let changing my perspective. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to see something in a new way. Or try a new direction or technique in your art. Or simply broaden your understanding of the world. (This post is from my newsletter published last Friday, September 27, 2013)

Lately I’ve been swooning over Italian author Italo Calvino. I’m reading several of his books, but the most immediate treasure is “Invisible Cities.” It is as rich as jeweled brocade silk. I stop every few sentences and savor, often repeating the words outloud, they are so mesmerizing.

I’d read that he was difficult to translate for becase he’d spend as much time with the translator hashing out whether to use a comma as he would choosing a precise English word. The inhalations, the pauses, in the flow of words is just as important as the words.

Which brings me to space: how important space is in art. Empty space. Quiet space. Unfilled space (which is not the same as empty space). Some of my favorite pieces of music include silence, however brief. Many of Georgia O’Keffe’s paintings use open space in a way that expands me.


This sculpture by French artist Bruno Catalano gives us an intriguing and delightful use of space. Isn’t in fun how our imagination is so actively involved in this sculpture? We get to fill in the void. Or enjoy what the void offers. Or both. We are part of the making of art. (Here is the artists’ website)

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